Touring golf professional Brad Gehl visited Phipps Park, a city-run facility in West Palm Beach where he had skated and told the manager he wanted to help. Next, Brad bought a refrigerator, then filled it with food and snacks. He went back two weeks later and found it empty, so he filled it up again with apples and oranges and Lunchables and Crustables and popsicles – anything to keep the kids from getting hangry (a term that reflects when hunger makes someone angry.) And every two weeks since, the refrigerator has been restocked with help from friends and other local touring professionals. Shortly after the COVID quarantine started, Brad approached our Chapter about partnering on a joint golf activity for the Hangry kids. A summer golf camp over seven Thursdays was scheduled. So about two dozen Hangry kids crossed over and learned about the game of golf. “It’s maybe one of the more special things I’ve ever done,” Brad says. “The First Tee has been incredibly supportive by providing coaches, lunch and access to their golf facility. The Hangry kids brought great attitudes and their impressive athleticism. They’re really good. I was so, so impressed with them.” To learn more about The Hangry Project, please CLICK HERE to visit their website.