Sponsor Spotlight: Skate Payments

We are delighted to announce our newest sponsor: Skate Payments, a South Florida based fintech company.

Would your club or business be interested in no longer paying credit card processing fees? Credit card fees paid by clubs and businesses each year total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Skate Payments empowers business owners and clubs with updated hardware and software that pass the credit card processing fees to customers. 

If customers want their points or cash-back incentives on their credit cards, why should your club or business pay these fees? Skate Payments transitions these fees to become a choice made by the customers.  

To offer customers a better experience and the ability to pay in cash, Skate Payments offers their SkatePay mobile app, which offers customers and businesses real-time processing of cash transactions in the form of ACH. This means no one pays the credit card processing fees and there are no longer disputes and/or chargebacks. Funds are settled the same day!

There is a reason PayPal bought Venmo, and seven banks/credit card companies now own Zelle. We will be the last generation to use credit cards. You already know that your teens and college students rarely use them. Skate Payments is positioned for the incredible opportunity to save their clients from paying millions of dollars in credit card fees while offering a simple solution for customers to access electronic cash. They have partnered with our Chapter as their goal is to have the golf industry be one of the early adopters of saving lots of money.

Would you like to learn more? Visit their website at: www.skatepaymets.com or please contact Kris Patterson at Skate Payments at [email protected] or 917-657-1895.