Program Spotlight | Mission United

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Our Mission United veterans golf programs continue to fill up each month. They are made possible from a generous grant from The Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation.

V/r Marcos Espinosa is one of our veteran students and shared this with our staff:

“First Tee’s program has offered me the opportunity to explore golf. I do not think I would have had the opportunity to try golf as I thought that it was an expensive hobby. I did not consider golf a sport but the more I play, the more I realized that it has many benefits – exercise, concentration, and even controlling emotions. I wish had more time to play as golf makes me feel better overall. Being able to enjoy time with veterans is an added benefit, it is even therapeutic as many of us have emotional and physical scars which are not easy to overcome.” V/r Marcos Espinosa

Special SHOUT OUT to the golf courses that provide the space and the great coaches that continue to give their all during class.