Chapter Award Winners

We handed out our annual student awards at the End of Year Bash. Senior Program Director Emily Valentine, Director of Operations Darrell Bock, PGA, Program Director Zack Anderton, and Treasure Coast Director of Operations Anthony Coletta presented the awards.

Student of the Year Melvin Watson.  Melvin attends programs at  Dyer Park and recently went on field trips to the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta and the Junior Invitational at Sage Valley.

Student of the Year Kimberly Cummings.  Kim attends Saturday morning classes at Dyer Park and has been a participant in our programs for over 20 years.

Veteran Participant of the Year Tom Molloy.  Tom has been in our veteran programs for over five years and attends weekly sessions all around the county. He also plays with our veterans at local golf courses.

Coach of the Year Wayne Munroe.  Coach Wayne has been working with us for three years and works with the students of the Police Athletic Leagues, Boys & Girls Clubs and Belle Glade.

Volunteer of the Year Lanny Browne. Lanny volunteers at Dyer Park on Saturday morning in Coach Gail’s class.