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Spend time at a golf course, learn more about life and the game of golf and earn some money. In partnership with our Chapter, CADDIENOW is recruiting youth caddies for an on-demand caddie program. Think UBER for golf!

Download the CADDIENOW app to get started. We have an orientation scheduled at our golf facility in Dyer Park on Tuesday, December 12th at 4pm. Please RSVP to Terry Wittek at or 561-291-2152.

CADDIENOW has partnered with multiple private courses in our area including Jonathan’s Landing, The Club at Ibis and Admirals Cove to give members the option of taking a caddie any time they play through the CADDIENOW app. Caddies are given advanced notice of the golfer’s tee time via a push notification on their device. Caddies then show up to the course, hustle and after the round, money is direct deposited into their bank account. PLUS CADDIES RECEIVE CASH TIPS!

CADDIENOW is primarily seeking high school and college-age students active in the game. Our caddies need to have a great attitude and work hard to ensure a great golfer experience. Caddies are there to carry golf bags, rake the bunkers, watch their golf ball and keep the clubs and ball clean.

No caddie experience? No problem. Through CADDIENOW’s partnership with our Chapter, orientations are offered, plus a graduated process to help the students succeed. Every time your child takes a loop, a donation is also made to our Chapter.

How does it work? CADDIENOW operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on availability of the caddies. Golfers use their app to request a caddie with at least 24 hours’ notice before the tee time. A notification goes out to all the caddies in our area that have been through orientation. We realize many junior caddies are in school and can only work on weekends. No problem, there are more loops to be filled on the weekends anyway.

CADDIENOW is committed to the game and our community. Many of America’s CEOs credit their success to their time as a caddie. Download the CADDIENOW app and get your students signed up for an orientation.

Caddie Benefits:
1. Make up to $100+ in 4-5 hours
2. Flexible hours
3. Meet successful people
4. Free golf at our partner courses

Caddie Requirements:
1. Age 14 and up
2. Must be hard working
3. Must like to make money
4. Must enjoy talking to people
5. Must be able to walk 4-6 miles
6. Carry up to 20 lbs.

After taking a loop with CADDIENOW you can benefit by playing FREE golf at one of our featured courses; Jonathan’s Landing, The Club at Ibis and Admirals Cove. We are adding more courses monthly. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Visit for more info and download the app to get started.