Breakers Volunteers This Summer

Big SHOUTOUT to the Breakers staff for their tremendous efforts in helping us with intense turf and landscape cultural practices at our golf facility. Members of the Breakers’ golf course and landscape maintenance crews have been out multiple times this summer verticutting and aerating our tees and greens. Greens were top-dressed and the sand brushed into the holes. Each time, all the greens were rolled to smooth them out.  They also helped us install new plant materials, cleaned up our planting beds and trimmed all the shrubs.

The Breakers Palm Beach strives to make a difference in the world. Through Volunteer Time Off (VTO), they empower their staff to use work time to volunteer, and to further inspiring their employees to inject energy and enthusiasm into the local community. Chapter Director Mark Reid inspires his hotel and golf course maintenance teams through the VTO program to assist our Chapter by providing agronomic and landscape assistance at our Finnegan Learning Center in Dyer Park.

“People come out and see our incredible turf conditions and are truly amazed,” said Chapter President Bobby Hendel.  “The Breakers plays such a huge role for us to provide fantastic turf conditions to our children and veterans.”